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Systemwide Online Help
A Business Oriented Systems GmbH Product
BOS-EXPERT/WIN is a unique product that allows you to create online help for any Windows application or terminal emulation screen residing in Windows. Unlike any other product of its kind, BOS-EXPERT/WIN requires no programming, no source code, and no compiling. Additionally, BOS-EXPERT/WIN may reside on a server for distribution across a network, or on individual PCs, or both (at the same time). Since it isn't stuck inside of one application on one person's computer, BOS-EXPERT/WIN really is the systemwide online help and documentation solution for corporations.

With BOS-EXPERT/WIN you can:

  • provide links to documents on the Internet/Intranet via a browser
  • use it as a broadcast News Feature
  • create 8 levels of help
  • implement it as a Client/Server application or a Stand Alone PC product
  • provide up-to-date help immediately and for all your users
  • create different help for different departments or individual PCs

Create help for any Windows Application (in-house or 3rd party)

Support for any Windows application written in the following languages:

  • SAP/R3 GUI 3.0
  • C & C++
  • Visual Basic 3.0, 4.0 (16 & 32 bit), & 5.0
  • Borland Delphi/Inprise Corporation
  • Oracle Forms 4.5 (16 & 32 bit) & 5.0 (32 bit)
  • Microsoft Access Forms 2.0, 95, & 97
  • Enfin Smalltalk (Object Studio) 4.8 & 5.1
  • and more

Support for the following terminal emulations running in Windows:

  • IBM Personal Communications
  • NCP 3270
  • IRMA
  • SDX
  • Reflection R4 & R8
  • and more

No Compiling or Programming

It's true. You do not have to do any programming or compiling to create online help with BOS-EXPERT/WIN. All you have to do is create the help text in (or import any .RTF, .HLP, .HTM, or .TXT file into) the BOS Editor. Then, click on/activate the object (such as a field, button, menu item, etc.) for which you want the help to be assigned. Lastly, select the appropriate help text, and click "Ok." You're done! The context-sensitive online help is ready for use and display.

Put your online help on a server or PC:

Systemwide Help and Documentation Solution

BOS-EXPERT/WIN is not just a tool for writing and creating help. BOS-EXPERT/WIN was designed to be a corporate-wide solution for providing online help and documentation across networks, across applications, and across users. You can create one help file for an entire company, even for different applications. Just put the necessary files on the server, and link your users to that server. And if distributing your help is not important to you, BOS-EXPERT/WIN can also run on individual PCs, with no server required.

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