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Internet and Intranet Email for 3270s

EuropaMail is an e-mail client that gives MVS 3270 terminal users access to Enterprise and Internet Open E-mail Systems. EuropaMail is the first open POP3/SMTP/LDAP/NNTP e-mail client for MVS 3270 users.

EuropaMail supports the Internet standard e-mail protocols SMTP and POP3 through TCP/IP links to open e-mail server systems. LDAP is also supported. The e-mail server(s) may be connected to a LAN within your enterprise, or somewhere outside your enterprise. Therefore, a 3270 user signed on to EuropaMail can easily send and retrieve e-mail to/from almost anywhere.

The 3270 terminal can be attached to the corporate SNA network, or it can be a dial-in or LAN connected PC running a 3270 emulator package such an TN3270.

Use of an Open SMTP protocol increases an enterprise's options for an affordable mainframe mail system while providing interoperability among other enterprise mail systems utilizing SMTP/POP3 protocols.

EuropaMail can be used as a low cost option as an interim solution for 3270 e-mail while migrating to workstations and LAN-based mail systems.

EuropaMail provides a vital link to open e-mail systems on the Internet and corporate Intranets, a vital necessity in business today. Yet you receive this benefit without disturbing the strategic and often huge enterprise investment in 3270 type devices and SNA networks.

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Main Features

EuropaMail is a perfect blend of an ISPF application and the most popular open system e-mail clients such as EUDORA, Netscape NAVIGATOR, and PEGASUS.

Supports traditional basic Internet e-mail user agent features and user-friendly ISPF qualities, including:

- send
- read
- reply to
- delete
- print mail
- scan
- headings
- message body/text
- folders (standard and create your own)
- personal address book nicknames
- Signature
- mail routing
- To, CC, Bcc, Forwarding
- Basic Bulletin Board (BBB)
- e-mail editing
- check mail
- password support
- leave mail on server or delete it
- send, queue, or hold created mail
  - Action Bar
  - Pull Down Lists
  - FastPath Commands
- online help
- screen customization

Graphical Representation

EuropaMail is open, therefore you have maximum flexibility.

With EuropaMail, your 3270s can send to and receive mail from many kinds of open, commercial, or even proprietary E-Mail Servers and systems with appropriate SMTP gateway software.

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EuropaMail Version 2.1B:

  • All z/OS levels


Operating System

  • MVS/ESA 4.3 or higher, OS/390, or z/OS
  • TSO/E Version 2.4 or higher
  • ISPF Version 4.2 or higher

Network Software

  • TCP/IP (for interface with e-mail servers)
  • IBM® TCP/IP Ver. 3 or InterLink TCPaccess Ver. 3

E-mail Servers 

EuropaMail is capable of interfacing any open e-mail server or system which supports the following:

  • Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3)
  • Simple Mail Transport (SMTP)
  • Lightweight Directory Address Protocol (LDAP) - optional
  • Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) - optional

Installation and administration can take a very small amount of time, depending on the amount of customization desired. A typical installation involves:

  • Unloading the sample JCL
  • Unloading the program libraries
  • Customizing the Europa/Mail startup exec
  • Making Europa/Mail available to TSO
  • Entering the license key and system options
  • Verifying the installation

As an e-mail client, EuropaMail requires a very minor load on the IBM mainframe. A "light" TSO environment can be created for a large number of line-of-business users, which compares favorably to CICS or, other vendor closed, and much more expensive e-mail solutions.

Your company could realize substantial savings in telecommunications costs by using EuropaMail and the Internet to access e-mail systems around the globe.

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