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Memocast for z/OS is a collection of utility programs and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for transmitting and receiving mainframe-based documents via e-mail.

New for Version 2.3.1:

The REXX External Writer Facility
A new facility has been added to allow access to JES spool data sets. This facility allows the user to implement an external writer in the REXX scripting language. A comprehensive sample writer is provided.

Using Memocast facilities, you can:

  • convert report files to Portable Document Format (PDF)
  • create mass e-mailings
  • transmit and receive e-mail messages and attachments
  • receive messages in a form that permits automated processing

In today's world of ever increasing online demands from consumers, employees and business partners, Memocast is the perfect solution for providing all parties with the information they require from your Legacy resources.

Memocast quickly turns Legacy data into lightning-quick Internet documents. Documents that are currently created in mass quantities, specific to a time or date, or that require resources that reside on Legacy systems, can now be generated and e-mailed to specific recipients.

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Memocast is standards-based and complies with TCP/IP, SMTP, POP3, MIME, etc. and works with Exchange, Notes, Sendmail, etc.


Use Memocast to:

  • Distribute Internal Reports
    Any mainframe-based report that is presently printed and transferred over intra-office mail can be transmitted by Memocast.
  • Distribute Invoices and Statements
    Memocast supports two invoicing models. In one, Memocast is used to transmit small notices that point to a bill presentment web site. In the other, Memocast transmits the invoices as e-mail messages or as attachments.
  • Distribute Surveys
    Memocast can transmit richly formatted messages, including documents composed of HTML forms and JavaScript™. This permits the creation of intelligent surveys that can edit the responder's input and automatically e-mail results back to the host. Memocast's mail reception capability can be used to automate the host's processing of responses.
  • Create Direct Mail Advertising
    Many companies out-source direct mail advertising. Memocast allows organizations to bring this function back "in house" and achieve considerable savings.
  • Bring Customers to your Web Site
    Any document you send with Memocast can include links to your own or partner web sites. Since the information is transmitted electronically, the cost of additional information per message is negligible.
  • Enhance Electronic Customer Relationship Management (ECRM)
    Because it uses inexpensive channels, Memocast makes possible more and better communications with your customers. Want to announce new pricing or a new product? With Memocast you can, and not strain your budget.

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Memocast was designed from the ground up as a native z/OS batch application. Accordingly, Memocast:

  • Fits well into new or existing batch streams.
  • Is easy to install. There are no run-time library issues.
  • Works with your e-mail system (Exchange™, Notes, Sendmail™, etc.)
  • Works with your web server (IIS, Apache, WebSphere™, etc.)
  • Is standards-based (SMTP, ESMTP, POP3, DNS, MIME, HTML, etc.)
  • Is easily understood. If you can write files with COBOL you can use Memocast.
  • Is tunable using standard techniques.
  • Is designed for high reliability, availability, and serviceability.
  • Can be used in conjunction with standard system utilities.
  • Can be used with SmartBatch®.
  • Leverages existing skills (COBOL, PL/I, JCL, REXX, utilities).
  • Is designed for high-volume processing. You can run Memocast in many job steps within one machine or across a sysplex.
  • Works with standard z/OS facilities (JES, job schedulers, writers, access methods, DBMSs


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Memocast Version 2.3.1:

  • All z/OS levels