Open Software Technologies, Inc.
Basic Services

The Basic Services Component is loaded with full blown access methods interfaces and powerful productivity extensions to the REXX language.

New for REXXTOOLS/MVS Version 7.4: DSNINFO has been enhanced to handle requests for information on datasets residing on EAV volumes.

Recent Additions:

  • A new facility for managing events with REXX programs, RXTEVENT, is provided. RXTEVENT may be run as a started task or a batch job.

  • Version 2 message descriptors MQMD are now supported and are the default for the REXX MQSERIES Interface.

REXX - VSAM Interface

  • All VSAM dataset types are supported: KSDS, ESDS, RRDS, VRDS, and LD
  • Comprehensive ACB and RPL options
  • Special REXX variables are used to return information to your REXX program
  • Very fast! VSAM functions modeled after the standard DFP format: OPEN, CLOSE, GET, PUT, ERASE, ENDREQ, POINT, VERIFYV
  • Unlimited number of VSAM datasets
  • ISPF split-screen mode, multi-tasking and file sharing
  • Batch LSR (BLSR)
  • REXX - IDCAMS New!

The following REXX sample program illustrates how easy it is to program for VSAM.

"alloc fi(inesds) da('SYS1.MAN1') shr reu"
call open 'VSAM','inesds',,'(adr,seq)
do while rc=0
/*Process RECIN here*/
call close 'inesds'
"free fi(inesds)"

REXX Interpretive Compiler

Only REXXTOOLS gives you parameter passing support between REXX and other programming languages: COBOL, PL/1, Assembler.

Puts your encrypted REXX source and data into secure load modules which can even be put in the LPA or the Linklist for performance purposes:

  • Link edit with objects from other languages
  • Create your own function packages
  • Create re-entrant, 31-bit load modules

MVS and TSO Services Functions

REXX functions are provided to access MVS control program services. Using these services, you can write REXX programs that:

  • Explicitly manage virtual storage
  • Obtain system-wide control of resources
  • Query the system authorization facility about a user's authority to use a resource
  • Write messages to the system log and operator's console
  • Access TSO terminal I/O functions to create line mode and full-screen applications


  • PDS support
  • PDSE support
  • Process multiple members of a PDS with just one OPEN function!


Record Parsing now made easy with REXX Functions for OPEN, CLOSE, GET, PUT

REXX Enhancement Services

The Basic Services component includes many REXX functions to increase the efficiency of REXX programs, including functions for:

  • Data conversions
  • COBOL style numeric editing
  • Word sorting
  • Handling difficult strings
  • MVS/Quick-Ref interface - Storage manipulation
  • Global variables


  • ALLOCATE and FREE commands
  • Consider combining with COBOL to achieve allocations which could not be done before.

You also get much more!

  • APPC/MVS multi-trans transaction shell
  • TCP/IP REXX Sockets Aids for client/server
  • Working business sample program