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REXX Extensions for z/OS®

Dynamic & Static DB2 SQL Services

The Dynamic and Static DB2 SQL components are two very high performance REXX - DB2 SQL interface components that may be licensed and used together or separately.

REXX applications can be easily ported between the REXXTOOLS Dynamic SQL and the Static SQL components. You can even combine Static and Dynamic SQL in the same REXX program.

Both Dynamic and Static SQL components operate in the following environments: TSO Ready, ISPF, APPC/MVS, IBM TCP/IP REXX Sockets, NetView, REXX Batch (IRXJCL), IBM Tivoli® AF/OPERATOR®, and IBM WEB ICSS.

New for REXXTOOLS/MVS Version 7.4: For Dynamic SQL Services, REXX Stored Procedures are now supported. A REXX stored procedure is a REXX program that runs in an address space separate from its caller, and possibly on a different machine. It performs some task or set of related tasks for the calling program and, optionally, returns results.

Feature Highlights

  • Automatic conversion and support for the full range of DB2 datatypes for both input and output host variables including DBCS data
  • The results of SQL statements are returned in REXX variables
  • DSNALI Call Attach Facility
  • DB2 Version 5 exploitation
  • True Static DB2 SQL
  • Interactive Static SQL preprocessor with online tutorial
  • Multiple formats for dates and times
  • SQL statement length only limited by DB2 and CPU storage
  • Multiple DB2 support
  • style SELECTS (all rows retrieved without a fetch loop)
  • SP2RXX utility to convert SPUFI SQL statements
  • Sample program
  • Cursors, including positioned UPDATE and DELETE
  • Single Return Code
  • DECLARE host variables
  • Complete reporting of SQLCA and SQLDA values
  • Supports all formats of SET
  • Supports SQL CONNECT verb
  • Distributed processing from LOCAL DB2
  • Supports implicit qualification of tables, views, synonyms
  • Absolute minimum CPU execution time through look asides, user options. Saves you big dollars in transaction processing time!!
  • DB2INFO function lets you query the system for the subsystem names of the installed DB2 systems and for DB2 default values

Additional Information

The Dynamic and Static SQL components run on any CPU supporting MVS and TSO/E Version 2.1 or higher, and DB2 Version 2.2 or higher (please see the Compatibility Requirements for more information). Many sample programs are included.